My Table, is Your Table

My Table, is Your Table
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CoreAct invites audience into their performance installation My Table, is your Table “ a feast, where we serve cake, coffee and more…

We are playing with the idea of the private vs. the public space, inviting people to participate in different tradition connected to party, a speech, a song, party games. But instead of traditional topic, the conversation will be based around identity and nationalism. The intention of the performance is to create a situation where we challenge the conversation in a public space, where you can meet strangers, and share opinions, wishes and dreams.

Upcoming dates;

18th of  May 2017, between  4-7 pm-  in Warehouse9 in Copenhagen as part of the festival, Peoples smart sculpture

1th of Junie at 7 pm and 2nd of June  at 9 pm , in Warehouse9, as part of  Plug and play - CPH-Stage

20th of  June 2-4 pm and 21th of June kl. 7-9 pm . In Viborg at Carte Blanches Pop-up kulturhus.

My Table is Your Table, has performed in Horserød state prison, Tipperupparken (social housing complex) and as part of Grassomania festival in Gdansk, Poland, Kristianstads Arthall, Swden.

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Idea and concept; CoreAct

Performers; Helene Kvint & Anika Barkan

Photo; Andreas Bergman Steen & Géza Ribberström Pályi