Om CoreAct

CoreAct is a performance duo formed by Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint.
CoreAct projects use Positive Disturbances and Mobile Scenography in public and private space, as means to engage people and collect personal stories. These personal stories are then processed and become the material for their productions. Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint create an aesthetic and artistic interpretation of collected documentary material and provide the audience with experiences of closeness and empathy. Such experiences have proven to be a great value for a variety of institutions such as theaters, public spaces, nursing homes, prisons, libraries and more.

“The collaborators say”


CoreAct was founded in 2006 by Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint, with their first collaboration dating back to 1991.

Both Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint spent 10 years away from Denmark; Helene Kvint in Germany and the Czech Republic, Anika Barkan in New York and Japan. They share a common interest in facilitating interdisciplinary international collaborations focused on socially engaging projects. Their collaboration has proved to be enormously fruitful, both in reaching a broad public and in receiving media admiration. Together they possess an adamant drive to explore new ideas, challenge each other and test uncharted territories. In short – everything should be possible.

CoreActs board consists of Karen Toftegaard (Chairman), Eva Nordhagen and Mille Rude.




Helene Kvint

“In 1996, I graduated from Cantabile 2 theater school. I then spent two years in an apprenticeship with the Russian group Derevo in Dresden. Derevo are extremely disciplined, which meant that I already in 1999 created and produced my first touring solo performance NIGHT TRAIN. It was the beginning of a 15 years period of work as a self-generating and self-producing performance artist. My first group was Antena Theatre in Prague with the award-winning Czech performer Petr Kruselnisky. Inspired by the Czech heritage of Laterna Magika we created nonverbal visual performances. In 2013 I had the 10th anniversary of the group Secondhand Women, which is a cabinet with five female performers. We create counter-theater with humor, chaos and feminism.”



Anika Barkan

“I am an independent performance artist and cultural entrepreneur with versatile experience. Overall, I have studied and worked in Japan, New York and South Africa for more than 10 years with a number of legendary artists, among them Min Tanaka, Anna Halprin, Ann Bogard and The Wooster Group. The cultural insights I have gained through my work abroad are cornerstone to my artistic creations. I possess a resilient and determined drive, which means that I am constantly evolving my ideas and projects. I mostly work in close collaboration with other artists. I work as a teacher in performance art and as the initiator of various cultural events in and around the youth environment in AFUK.”