The Method

Collaboration with CoreAct?

Artistic vision

  • To work in the field of art and community involvement.
  • To form strong alliances across genres to achieve the best artistic result.
  • To show courage in relation to form and artistic expression.


The Method
Using the “positive disturbance” and “mobile scenography”, CoreAct collects personal stories from people in public and private spaces. We work with an aesthetic and artistic interpretation of documentary material. We work with inherent tension between facts and fiction, and the relationship between the subject and us as artists. We focus on the balance between empathy and critical distance.

1. Collection of material

Using our mobile-set designs we situate ourselves within various public places, establishing a presence for between 1-7 days.

The mobile-set are furnished with furniture, various objects and trinkets, tea and biscuits as well as atmospheric lighting and collages of sound – all in order to stimulate memories and familiarity. As performers, we are active listeners / organic knowledge banks, who collect and memorize the visitor’s stories.


2. Artistic processing

We then analyze, dramatize and make artistic decisions in relation to how the collected material can be transformed into an artistic product. This is often done in close collaboration with artists in other art mediums.

3. Communicating the artistic product

We then create the actual artistic material, which can be for example, a collection of sound montages, a screenplay, a performance or various other artistic works.

4. Communicating the artistic product

HThe artistic product is now communicated back to the public through exhibitions, social media, performances etc.


Our projects offer a creative dialogue, a place where ideas and opinions are heard, shared and documented. We displace daily habits and thereby invite a new perspective on everyday life. In our mobile scenographies we put the human presence in focus, through performativity and through sensory experiences we evoke memories and relationships.

We are interested in developing the potential and the form of performance, using performing arts skills such as attendance, empathy and staging in new contexts. And thereby challenge and explore the notions of public vs. the private domain. To be seen, heard and entertained when you least expect it offers unique opportunities to reach diverse groups of audiences.

CoreAct has been very successful in initiating projects with diverse groups of people. Our projects expand the scope of where and how performance art can be experienced. We are constantly combining artistic expressions without compromising the quality and complexity of our work.