TRIM - A poetic documentary about life’s many branches

In collaboration with Carte Blanche  CoreAct presents the performance Trim, now on tour.

In TRIM we move trough a rich visual universe, of trees, bushes and flowers, chosen from 5000 slides, taken by chief gardener Willy F. Hansen over a period of 70 years. During the performance we move through this garden of images, we stop, zoom in and immerse ourselves.

The many slides are mixed with the performers memories from their visits to nursing homes. CoreAct have with their project Rolling Room visited 14 nursing homes. In their room on wheels, they have listed to more than 300 stories from the elders. In TRIM we dive into the performers´ memories of the many old people they have met, and their wondrous world of gnarled and sometime fractured stories.

Through the many glimpses of lives and the abundance of pictures the performance addresses the process of aging, and in particular our relationship to dementia. How do we handle watching our grandparents, parents, partners or friends when they begin to change, when memories and reality get twisted or completely distorted.

The press wrote;

“Trees (twisted) branches and the (old) peoples veins melts together in a visual, beautiful overlap, the performance oozes of artistic intelligence, sensitivity and tenderness.” Kirsten Dahl, Teateravisen

The performance can be translated into English.

TRIM is created by CoreAct and Carte Blanche.







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Idea: CoreAct and Carte Blanche

Director: Sara Topsøe

Performers: Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint

Technician : Karsten Nisbeth and Troels Lindebjerg

Sound design: Astrid Randrup

Costumes: Beth Justesen

Music: Nikolaj Hess, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Thomas Koppel and Arvo Part

Co-production: CoreAct and Carte Blanche

Duration: 60 minutter

Age limit: 14 years

The theatre performance is supported by

Committee for Performing Arts Project Funding

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.