Rolling Room

Rolling Room

The rolling room
CoreAct has developed a performance approach that focus on developing intimacy and presence thereby allowing personal stories to emerge. This process proved very meaningful to residents in numerous nursing homes. The performance has until now visited  14 nursing homes collection more than 300 life stories.


Listen to the touching stories from several events: (in Danish)

We hope you enjoy the stories. You are welcome to comment or post any question.

CoreAct visited several senior centers with their Rolling Room project: “A mobile scenography that awakes and stimulates senses and memories. In the cozy atmosphere of the mobile room, we have talked, played, remembered, and collected the senior’s stories. It’s been great to step into the past memories in a close and homey environment. Thank you to all those who shared their wonderful stories.

Every day when we came home from the nursing homes we recorded the stories as we remember them. We have chosen to retell them in the present tense as if they were our own stories. Later, composer Sture Ericson listened and composed sound-scapes to support each of the stories.”
Watch a video about the project here: (in Danish)


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Concept: CoreAct i.e. Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint
Performers: Anika Barkan and Helene Kvint and guests
Design / Construction: Seimi Nørregård
Music / Sound Design: Sture Ericson
Photo: Andreas Bergmann Steen

The project is supported by

The City of Copenhagen’s Health and Care administration