Heidi – a journey to Hell with Simon Spies

Heidi – a journey to Hell with Simon Spies

HEIDI was presented at Theater GROB in Copenhagen May 5th- 24th and at Theater Katapult in Aarhus May 29th-31st 2014, and was made into a television production for DR-K, The National Danish Broadcasting.


HEIDI production enjoyed great success playing to full houses and receiving celebratory excellent reviews from both audience and the media:

“A beautiful, nasty, intense and very well-acted experience that goes beyond the little black box, which is the theater, it dares to challenge the audience in the borderland between dream, memory and reality.”

★★★ MagasinetKBH
★★★ Kulturkongen.dk

“It tells the fateful story of a young wretch who meets her hell in villa of Spies in Rungsted. And it tells it with humor, conviction and manipulation of the audience, which is quite excellent”
★★★ Kulturshot
♥♥♥♥ Poltiken

★★★★ Berlingske
★★★★ JyllandsPosten
★★★★ forbrugermania.dk
★★★★ på CphCulture

“Heidi is intelligent, horrifying and entertaining theater. It is a requiem for the 70ties about a family's guilt and shame, and about the cannibalism of one of Denmark’s most remarkable businessmen Simon Speis. About drinking, drug and abuse of woman, but first and foremost about something you never talked to anyone about.”

Theatre Director Jens Frimanns enthusiastic blog post about the show

Heidi is the colorful, true story of Heidi, who at the age 15 started working for the Danish travel mogul Simon Spies. He quickly pulled the young beautiful girl into a world of wealth, sex and drug orgies. Here was her ticket to “a great adventure”.

For two years, she lives as a sex-worker for one of Denmark’s most eccentric businessmen. When she rejected his marriage proposal, he throws her out. Tragically Heidi took the indulgent habits with her and ended up with drug addiction and street prostitution.

Heidi became known in the 80s tabloid media, because she and her young daughter died of AIDS – only 25 years old. Her adventures with Simon Spies became her journey to hell.

Heidi’s sister Anika’s performs on stage.


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Idea: CoreAct – i.e. Anika Barkan & Helene Kvint
Concept and research: CoreAct, Gritt Uldall-Jessen and Morten Hartz Kaplers

On stage: Sara Hjort Ditlevsen, Olaf Højgaard,
Anika Barkan, Helene Kvint
Playwright: Gritt Uldall-Jessen
Director: Line Paulsen
Scenographer: Nathalie Mellbye
Composer: Søren Siegumfeldt
Lighting design: Edward Lloyd Pierce

Producer: Ann-Jette Caron
Fundraising: CoreAct, Ann-Jette Caron an Karen Toftegaard
PR & Marketing: Karen Toftegaard
Propsmanager: Emilie Bendix
Director’s assistent: Freja Klint Sandberg
Stagemanager: Anders Jönsson
Soundtechnician: Asger Kudahl
Lighting technician: Súni Joensen
Costumes: Rie Maktabi
Tailor: Sara Smed


The theatre performance is supported by

Danish Art’s Council, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond af 1968, City of Copenhagen’s Performing Art Comittee and Åben Scene.