RE-MEMBER- a tribute to mourning

RE-MEMBER- a tribute to mourning


»A human being only really dies when nobody no longer remembers it.«


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"A significant, beautiful and well done project" Author and philosopher Svend Brinkmann

★★★★★ "A serious and important work" Den 4. Væg

★★★★★ "A terribly strong performanceinstallation" Sceneblog

★★★★ "Sound, light, space, acting and the movement of the audiences play together in a touching and visually strong way." Berlingske

★★★★ "An exclusive experience that goes deeper." Ungt Teaterblod

★★★★ "The sounduniverse is fabulous. It is scary. Touching and penetrating." Scenekanten

"The Grief gets to be extraordinary and that is why we're able to look at it in new perspectives." Fine Spind

RE-MEMBER is a physical theater performance which merges performance and installation, exploring and staging the complexity of mourning- navigating through this tragic, sensitive and sometimes absurd material. The project questions how we, in our part of the world, handle and processes loss, and how we are expected to “by-pass” and move on. It is a tribute to mourning and remembrance, looking at its transformative potential.

Only when no one is left to remember you, a person can be said to have really died.

RE-MEMBER is an international cross over performanceinstallation which explores the culture of grief - if that exists? Or has grief become a taboo in a way where we avoid it and the mourning?

RE-MEMBER is a co-production between CoreAct and Teater Grob with an international team.



RE-MEMBER is one of the cases in the research project The Culture of Grief which is managed by author and philosopher Svend Brinkmann. Read more

Concept, development & performance – CoreAct (DK),

Performers; Anders Mossling, Anika Barkan, Helene Kvint and Lukas Benedikt Racky, Folmer Kristensen

Director/choreographer – Cille Lansade (FR)

Visuals & video design- Katrina Neiburga (LV)

Music & sound design -Mika Forsling (SE)

Light design- Anna Maria Waldelius

Producer- Ann-Jette Caron

Co-produced by Teater RE-MEMBER plays:

Restaged 7. – 12. May 2019 at Marienlyst Slot, Helsingør [Helsingør Teater]

Worldpremiered: 15. November 2017 at Slottet, De Gamles By in Copenhagen

Supported by The Danish Arts Council, and State workshops for the art – THANK YOU.